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Opening a door is more than just a nice gesture. It is an invitation and a show of support. That open door connects us to people and lets them know that we care enough about them to allow them to go before us. Here at the Open Door Project, our goal is to provide more than just apartments. Our goal is to provide residents with the opportunity to experience genuine support in the midst of a difficult time. What if we could leverage the power of the communities that we create every school year? What if we could inspire our residents to make a real impact beyond dropping a few coins in a donation bucket? The need has been around us and will always be there; but instead of accepting the need as immutable, what if we actually attempted to initiate change, one door at a time.

The Open Door Project is our solution to being so much more than just another management company. We have over 41,000 beds under management in 33 States and utilizing that reach to connect with residents in a truly impactful way is the first step in our mission. With your help, we will roll out a marketing campaign that will live on well past renewal and leasing season and become the norm to not only the Cardinal name but also your communities culture.


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